About Soundhoppers

Creations by Ruth Ford

Under the Trees From a creative and musical childhood - it seems a natural transition to offer the opportunity to others, to help people discover new parts of themselves and find their confidence in communicating with sound and rhythm.

The natural instinct to compose rather than learn set music has led to a love of musical free-falling and its therapeutic value. Playing and experimenting with different instruments, especially from indigenous origins. Discovering rhythm and fascination for the melodic sounds of nature. Running regular children's music groups in the community was where the group work started.

Life as a therapist and gardener has provided opportunities to consider how important the world of vibration is to our being - from here the ideas leading to Soundhoppers emerged. My enthusiasm really stems from watching and sharing in the joy of playing, even at the most primitive level. In fact, usually this is the key place of discovery, where ideas are simple and yet they lead to such exquisite moments of unity.

As a natural crafter and inventor of designs, Hoppercrafts is the perfect combination to balance alongside music. I make custom bags to carry and protect instruments, also pixie hats and nut shell rattles!