Welcome to Soundhoppers

Musical workshops, interactive soundscapes and crafting sessions for all ages and abilities. Schools, day centres, community groups and events. three

Co-creating spaces for education and playful expression with a wide selection of indigenous, unusual and unique instruments. Exploring the therapeutic and healing nature of sound and vibration.

WindWands are now listing on this auction site...

Deer Drum

One off sessions for all abilities:

Great for building confidence and letting off some steam. The simplicity of working together and creating sound....smiles just happen!

Reiki & Sound therapy:

Taylor made sessions are available for deep relaxation. These are carried out in a peaceful and intimate space and simply enable your ability to self-heal.


A space for songs and chants is occasionally held at The Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire and the wonderful alternative space that is Fabrizia's Strawbale Studio in Hertfordshire.

Email or phone to book a place.